21 January 2015


INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a big ball rolling towards me; it must be at least three high, red all over with a swirly patterns. It seemed to be alive and have its own consciousness

Somehow I felt a connection with this red ball as it moved back and forth in front of me; then it began to move away and then stop; it did this several times until I realised that I needed to follow it

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the ground open up into a glass surface look as soon as I began following the ball; then the ground began to glow all around me, beams of ;light came out and into the sky, like rockets going in different directions

I was looking everywhere as there was so much activity THEN all of a sudden everything STOPPED


INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the ball had changed colour, it was now a purple and beating like a heart; with each beat it began to glow brightly; YES it was a heart beat

Somehow the ball was synchronised with the rythym of my heart; I stood there admiring this huge sphere wondering what was going to happen.

BUT nothing happened

I continued to look upon the ball until I looked to my left; In the distance I could see a meteor shower passing by; it had the usual comet tail of lights but instead it was multicoloured

Then soon the meteor passed away;

I looked to my right and somehow the same meteor was passing by with the same multicoloured lights

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE myself wondering what this could mean; as I look to the ball, I got a big shock;

I SEE a figure of a man but exactly like the comet standing in front of me. YES it was the comet BUT he had a human body; The difference was his body was all lit up with brightly coloured lights like the tail of the comet.

I composed myself and looked deeply into his eyes; and I saw a reflection of ME. I thought silently in my mind, is he ME

Then I noticed other feathers of his face; his hair was all spiked up, small but cropped they were. I knew instantly they were antennas, acting as light receivers.

His face and hair and even its body, clothes were predominantly WHITE like brilliant solar light; yet I was able to tolerate the intensity of its brightness.

Then it spoke, BUT they were no words but a high pitched sound. His mouth was moving when a person talks but all I could here was an ear splitting sound; it was just unbearable and I was patient and eager for me to listen what he had to say.

THEN it all stopped

He spoke, “Clear thy mess of the weathered frequencies and HEAR the NEW wave of existence”

I knew instantly what he meant; simply to MOVE ON from the frequency which I have been in this current period of the last several months.

I knew that another ME is UNFOLDING and coming to LIGHT in a realm that will elevate the soul and spirit.

I SMILED and I listened carefully as he continued;

“Blessed You thy LOVE that you encompass and encircle WITHIN; let thy expand FURTHER all around THY OWN universe and beyond.

Feel the explosion of thy YOUTH come in various form of energy; to ignite passion and dedication.

YOU have brought this upon thy own, in needs, wants, desires and further expansion of the SELF

These WORDS carry weight in meaning”

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the comet man ignite like a FLAME; but it was pure brilliant ETHERIC light; I was showered with light of its reflection and I could FEEL the light cover me all over

I looked at my hands and body and I had turned completely WHITE, a shining white light that also encircled my body too

Slowly everything began fading away and my vision too.

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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