SHC006 - My Gateway through the ROSE of my conscious AWARENESS

4 January 2014

~ * My Gateway through the ROSE of my conscious AWARENESS* ~

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE roses and there are six of them on a marble wall; as my sight clears I began to see the details all around me

The wall was not a wall but a shimmering light giving the impression of marble; as I got closer I could see the shimmering was coming from diamonds that were moving up and down. These were all gold coloured and it made me in awe. I had never seen Gold coloured diamonds before

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE myself looking above to the roses; they were all made in great detail but GLASS; as I looked at one of the flower heads I could SEE symbols and patterns of swirls on the red flower. All of the roses were RED except one of them which was purple

I walk across to view the purple rose BUT this was not made of glass at all; but LIGHT; there was a great difference from the others it was vibrating and moving at great speed. It was not easy to describe what I was seeing

This purple flower was like a centre or heart for the other five roses; somehow I knew this to be true and then it came suddenly; these were all connected to my Chakras and I was looking at the HEART of each one of them

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE my KNOWING was slowly connecting and filtering through my super consciousness and arriving at my consciousness so I could interpret what I was SEE~ing

The shimmering light wall was a gateway to another dimensional understanding of MY own UNIVERSAL understanding; as soon as I understood the wall began to expand slowly; first it began to get wider then taller; it must have been twelve foot across and about ten feet high before it stopped growing

The shimmering light had all but disappeared and I could see brilliant white light coming through a centre of the shimmering wall. It slowly got bigger in circumference until it was a perfect round circle about six feet in diameter

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the circle glowing in intensity and the white light was more like crystal and LED effect

I knew what to do and that was to WALK through to the other side; I paused and took three steps and entered the doorway to another dimension

I eyes were all blurry and I couldn’t focus but I began to keep walking and all I could see was purple and blues at a distance; I was not sure what I was seeing and only could guess that it was an object in front of me

THEN slowly my sight improved and I could SEE a light human shaped body in front of me; it had the shape of a MAN and it was blue and purple. As I got closer I could see its face and it looked a lot like ME

It was my Etheric light body that had come to GREET me

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE my Etheric SELF and began to speak;

“Dear Shazi; the time of INDEPENDENCE is now, the time to look further beckons further; so explore deeply your SELF and SEE all the reflections

As you REMEMBER, your many journeys will become ONE and the journey will refine to as ONE

YOU are ONE”

I listened and focused intently making sure all the words were recorded in my mind so I may not forget

“The ONE~ness of YOU is the SIGHT in its DEPTH of each reflection of its past, future and NOW

YOU exist as a WHOLE~some and need NOT to compare with others as they differ in their own personal journey

Dear Shazi, each time you SEE you expand in your KNOWING and INSIGHT; so keep expanding and SEE~ing in your conscious awareness

NOW follow the blue light cord and SEE where it will lead”

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a blue light cord floating like a rope above the ground; I grab onto it and suddenly the scene changes

I arrive at a garden containing a plant with a single stem rose rising from the ground; the garden itself was filled with green bushes of many varieties but this single rose was the heart

It was so clear and bright; the rose was half open and it was red shade that I had not seen before

As I looked upon it and stared deeply, it began to move slowly, giving the impression of a gentle breeze moving by. I smiled

The Rose was about five foot tall and I knew what to do and that was to SIT down next to it;

Then I noticed being showered with light; it felt more like rain drops as it tingled against my skin. It was like a gentle shower and I could smell the sweetness of the Rose scent

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE that I was being cleansed and awakened by the scent of the Rose; as though an AWARENESS had indeed awakened inside of me. I knew that it would be later on when I knew what it would be.

Everything quickly faded away and my Vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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