SHC005 - The Pool and Calibration Of MY Diamond Body

20 November 2014

~ * The Pool and Calibration Of MY Diamond Body * ~

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE that I am walking along a diamond field; they are growing and are quite common in this realm; my higher insight and knowing is not surprised at all

I notice the diamonds are all pink and reminded me of a rose; but HERE there were millions and millions. I got down having a closer look and seeing straight through one of them. It had another diamond inside, like a heart.

YES, it was the heart of the diamond; as I look across to the diamonds close by, they all had this inner diamond heart. I wondered what it meant

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the roses grow taller and taller, until they were about my height; They looked like long needles standing the ground; slowly they began to move. It was more like a sideways movement but then it was circular.

In the beginning they were moving in different directions but soon they were all calibrated at the exact second; so the movements was breathtaking and it made me mesmerised; I never knew such a circular movement could be so beautiful

THEN it made sense; this was my calibration of my Diamond body to a particular frequency which was happening; a fine tuning of my light body

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the diamonds needles descend and shrink to the normal size as before and slowly they melted away, leaving a beautiful scent of roses

The melted diamonds formed a pool and rose water. At first it was just a tiny pool in the centre but this grew from an underwater spring and kept growing and expanding; somehow at a rapid pace it was the size of a small lake. It must be about several hundreds feet across and more in depth too

I could see still the rose pinkish colour of the water and its wonderful scent

There was a shine of diamonds on the surface and then it made sense

This was the pool of my consciousness; my higher spiritual consciousness directly linked to my diamond Etheric light body

This pool was my KNOWING and it held my insight; as I continued to look upon the vast pool I could see it expand slowly and I knew that moment it was never going to shrink; as I was awake and focused to acquire further understanding and insight of MY~SELF

Everything quickly faded away and my Vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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