SHC004 - The Anchoring of My DIAMOND light body

17 November 2014

~ * The Anchoring of My DIAMOND light body * ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a diamond body standing next to me; it is multifaceted

Then it slowly changes to a shining body, but its eyes were clearly diamond; its outer skin was shining like a tube light but different colours. Its white Etheric light was the main colour mixed with flashes of rainbow

It came closer to me and then walked straight into my body; I knew at an instance that this was my Etheric diamond body. I looked at my hands and it was glowing; I was this diamond body

THEN the scene changes

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I can see myself walking in a valley, with my diamond body; but there are mountains on either side which completely different. But my senses cannot comprehend them as yet

On the mountain side there are diamond houses and they are all different architecturally.

As my senses slowly adjust I realise the mountains were made of dense fluid that was constantly vibrating, like a motion, yet it remain in its place. It was also pulsing at a particular beat and it would send on an intense shine, after each beat

The whole valley looked incredible and I have never been to any place before

THEN my eyes focused on a house at a distant; it was made of orange diamonds and has a green door. I decide to walk towards this house

Strangely, I feel myself floating and walking at the same time; it was like being in space. I was able to make giant strides towards this mountain diamond house

As I got closer my head began to tingle in the third eye region and I could feel a buzz there too

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the green door; but it was light and like a shower curtain of light continuously falling to the floor; I stood watching for a moment until it began to change colour to orange. The whole place began to light up like a Christmas tree; so many colours began to fly everywhere as though my presence had made it happen. I am sure it did

I WALK through the veil of light and I see more showers of light everywhere I look

THEN my vision changed

I could see DNA strands falling from the ground and being earthed; the shower of lights continued but I saw inside the light at a microscopic level

It was like a waterfall of light and my conscious knowing began to get confused and numbed by so much energy; I continued to witness the complete downpour and slowly my sight began to adjust to my higher consciousness, to explain to my INSIGHT

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE myself walking into my DIAMOND light body and this was the region where everything happened; this was ME in my purest and refined FORM

The flow of strands of light that appeared as a shower is the flow of the cosmic energy that is feeding my light body; this in turn was earthing to the DIMENSION that I was in; it was like being anchored

This process was infinite and for me to see the continuous symbolic DNA strands and patterns, signifies the further progress I had made in my path to RECOGNISE and KNOW my~SELF in my light body

I began walking through the house BUT I could not see the walls or the ceiling; as though the house was infinitely away

Then slowly everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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