SHC002 - Every SOUL; the journey is but INFINITE and YET it is TIMELESS

9 November 2014

~ * “Every SOUL; the journey is but INFINITE and YET it is TIMELESS” * ~

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a cave; it is the universe and it is huge YET it is confined so that I can view it all with my inner sight

As I walk closer INSIDE I see it as a CAVE with walls and a ceiling; I can hear running water everywhere and cannot make out which direction it is coming from. I walk further inside and notice the walls and ceilings look like MIRRORS with sparkles of light

My vision adjusts even more and I notice from the ceiling drops of water, coming down to the ground of the cave; as I walk closer to inspect and WOW

A single drop was filled with words and letters; each single drop was about the size of my hand; yet it contained so much knowledge inside. I watched for a while and then decide to catch one of them.

With hands outstretched I caught a drop and immediately it began talking to me;

“Dear Soul, wonder in the amazement of this DROP, for it captures the words of the UNIVERSE and

These words are for your NOURISHMENT

As you walk on your journey, a twist and turn will commeth your way; but remember we GUIDE you still, so stay on this path, and deviate not

Dear Soul, enter thy CAVE and SEE deeply what commeth your way; so capture another drop”

I release the drop of water onto the floor and immediately it turned into a fluid light which circled around me and then disappeared. I gather another drop and then as before t began to talk to me;

“Dear Soul, in the journey of the STARS of the higher dimensional consciousness, there was a DROP of KNOWING that came from the BEGINNING

In that BEGINNING a journey began with CURIOSITY and it still travels with~IN you as incomplete; this is the same for everyone and every SOUL; the journey is but INFINITE and YET it is TIMELESS

There is no WEIGHT or BURDEN but complete BLISS, the SOUL is but a traveller that SEEKETH all TRUTHS, so journey forth and KNOWS more

Dear Soul; in the BEGINNING of YOU their was uncertainty in the MIND of the conscious BUT the PATH was found and it brought forth COURAGE

In this courage the journey began to bring LIFE inside the subconsciousness and a BIRTH of the FEMININE appellations began to OPEN

This opening is now a POUR of water that continues to flow as LIGHT inside the cells as DNA; It is a knowing and holder of KNOWLEDGE and it is your DIVINE nourishment

The light body you use to travel in your journeys and visions is strong and filled with strength to travel even further; so travel further in the highest; seeketh the guide of your presence to venture OUT

It is indeed time for you to VENTURE in the KNOWN darkness of your CAVE”

The words stopped and once again I drop it carefully to the floor to watch it turn to fluid light which circled around me and disappeared

THEN I noticed the mirrors of the wall and one particular ONE caught my eye and I walk over to it

The mirror on the wall was about 5cm across, misshaped, and contained darkness within. It looked like a window and I decide to look through

Inside this mirror window, I SEE a white galloping horse, pounding the ground and running across the valley and another closely by its side; both horses were huge in size and I realise what they meant

My higher dimensional self was telling me;

“Each horse represented an EYE that roamed the valley of the universe; there were no boundaries but only the freedom of its travel

There was no travel that was bound BUT endless knowing in the SIGHT

The horse too represented a DIMENSIONAL knowing and each hair on its MANE carried the book of the HOLDER of its light”

THEN all of a sudden the horses stopped running and turned in my direction; I noticed there blue eyes which clearly stood; they began to gallop again in full speed to my direction

I was excited and soon they slowed down and only a few inches away from the mirror window

THEN the mirror disappeared and the horses were standing in front of me; I held there heads and rubbed my face and held them closely; I could feel there strength and energy flowing inside them and I could feel them showering me with love from there gaze

I smiled and I could feel them smile back approvingly

THEN suddenly they turned transparent and I saw a HEART in each horse; it was huge and the entire body was no more then a heart. I could still see the silhouette of the horse but very faint BUT the heart was huge

These were the HEART of my EYES, but higher dimensional eyes; I did not occur to me that they had a heart

The hearts were like a diamond and red in colour; it was multifaceted and had inner shine that radiated outwards

I reached out to touch them and instantly it changed shape and it was now like a heart shaped cloud of whizzing light, still red. It began to circle clockwise like a whirlwind and then it began to go even faster and faster until

I could SEE straight into it

I SEE a book on a huge rock and around them are trees and bushes, but these are well away from the rock

The book is leather bound and I walk straight into this place; as I got closer the book grew in size and it get on growing with every step; I knew this meant my eyes were opening and I could SEE another dimensional part of my~INNER~SELF

Soon I was a foot away and the book was about ten feet long and with thousands of pages

I open the leather bound book and inside were butterflies, millions of them and they flew out; it caught me by surprise and they began to race to the sky upwards and circled above; it was like an endless of outpouring that came out of the book and it kept going

A trail of butterflies continued to come out of this book and I took several steps backwards to view it all; I wondered what was happening and then I noticed the same two horses were standing by my side

This time they were about my height

I did not know were to look, the horses or the continuous flow of the butterflies
In my mind I was waiting for the butterflies to finish coming out BUT my higher knowing guided me to say; it was infinite and the butterflies would never stop

I looked above and by this time the sky was filled with them; it was an incredible sight and the butterflies continued in a huge clockwise direction circling above me

I had my arms round each horse and enjoyed the inner place of my CAVE; I noticed a tear drop from one of the horse’s eyes and it was filled with symbols and letters

I looked at the other and it too had a tear BUT this was filled with colours of light, held in a vase;

There was so much to SEE and view and it was overwhelming too

THEN all of a sudden grass began to grow under my feet which turned into vines, like in the jungle; they wrapped around my legs

THEN I was pulled into the ground and soon I was back inside the mirror cave and then everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2014

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