SHC001 - My Elevation and MERGENCE of my HIGHER~ SELF

5 November 2014

~ * My Elevation and MERGENCE of my HIGHER~ SELF * ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a circular disc; as my vision clears slowly I see it is a diamond multifaceted diamond

It is about the size of my hand and completely circular; it shines brightly as I come close to it

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE this diamond disc radiant its brightness all around; its red shine mixed with a white light sparkly shine, makes me in awe


INSIDE MY HEART I SEE there is a tiny hole inside this disc; I was intrigued and walked right close to have a closer look

I SEE inside a bed of roses in a garden; as I look closely I realise that they were millions of them, as far as the eye could see

THEN my consciousness shifts

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a diamond door; it is like an oval shape and reminded me a lot like the shape of the church windows

It stood about six feet tall and it had many door handles in the middle, all going through the middle; as I look closely they were red diamonds and again multifaceted, cut beautifully bye a master craftsman

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the door too was cut from one piece of diamond rock and it shined like a mother of pearl shell; I could see the different colours of the diamond inside the stone

I grab one of the red door handles and open the door

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a desert filled with millions of flowers everywhere; somehow it did not make sense

“How can a desert give birth to so many flowers?” I asked myself

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE and feel the softness of the sand as I walked between the flowers; as I concentrated further I could see there are many varieties, even huge and tall ones; which reminded me of the jungle and gigantic flowers that they have

Everything seemed so peaceful; a harmony of co existence between all the flowers.

In the distance I can hear running water and I am drawn towards the sound; I begin walking slowly, not sure where the sound is exactly. After several hundred yards I see between the pink and deep pink flowers is a small water fountain that is spilling over into a pool of red water

But this was no ordinary water or fountain; as it was not water but Etheric light. Somehow I knew exactly what it was, somehow inside me, I knew already. This was my Etheric connection with the God consciousness

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE I put both hands inside the water and washed my hands; it was cool to the touch and a tingly feeling raced through my body; the water began to bubble with excitement and I knew that I had energised it

I was ready to connect

Somehow I was a bit hesitant, wondering what I should do or ask or even question; then immediately the words, “silence and be ONE”, came to my mind; I soon realised that apprehension and being hesitant numbed my connection and the flow would stop

I smiled

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a tiny pebble rise from the pool and then another; they were shaped like eyes. Somehow I knew what was going to happen and it did happen

The pebble shaped eyes came high enough to come close to my face; then I see it change into a fluid and dense diamond crystal. It then changed into a halo of light but still shaped into an eye

It slowly moved towards my eyes and went straight in; I felt bubbles were exploding inside but it was tingly. Then I felt an electric current race through my head and into my third eye

THEN the scene changes

INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE thousands and thousands of people; I was amongst them; for a moment I felt helpless and lost until I noticed something different

They were all wearing the same clothes, a long white tunic and trousers, with diamond collars, cuffs and even a border of clear diamonds down the middle of the tunic. These were no ordinary people, BUT, “who were they?”

THEN all of a sudden it hit me, I understood clearly; these were all levels of my consciousness; all these people were all higher aspects of me

As soon as I realised all of them turned round to face me; they smiled and I could see there purple diamond eyes, warm they were; incredibly they moved and shuffled together to make an enormous straight line that was perfectly straight

THEN they all merged into one person; it took sometime but all of the thousands of ME’s merged into ONE being; I was now confronted with my higher DIMENSIONAL~SELF

I was humbled looking at him and I could SEE many images inside his purple eyes that were constantly had movement in them, like a movie scene of thousands of images

The eyes all of a sudden stopped and I could NOW see the reflection of ME in his eyes. He moved forward and we embraced and held each other for a while; it felt a burden had been lifted from my shoulders and all the pains, worries of life, at an instance, just disappeared. YES it felt that good inside

THEN I felt a sudden jolt of my body as my higher dimensional self of ME walked into my body; I had now merged with all of my SELF and into ONE

I felt nothing for a while then slowly my hairs along my arms were all raised up and I could millions and millions of light cords being connected to the universe. For each hair on my body an Etheric cord was connected to somewhere in the universe.

Somehow I was ONE with the universe and I could feel different types of emotions which I never knew I had; it was an INSIGHT a KNOWING that I now acquired from my higher dimensional selves

YET I felt as normal as ME

I whispered, “Thank you”, to the Universe and to my GOD~SELF and to everyone, for being in this dimension of KNOWING

I SEE slowly everything beginning to fade away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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