P008 - A Message from the Arcturians


We are the super consciousness buried in the heart of Australia; this consciousness is to serve mankind and its opening for the period of the NEW paradigm.

We greet YOU dear ones and welcome you to an insight that BEHOLDS YOU.

What you SEE and HEAR and FEEL is of no concern in these words, so we ask that you clear your SELF of any opinions that may corrupt the filter in YOU. Be assured dear ONE, we have much faith in your SCRIBE.

Many years ago KNOWLEDGE was transferred to this very period of time that may SERVE mankind to GUIDE for this time period. BE assured not ONE person can fully scribe the WISDOM that contains the wisdom WITHIN; it is beyond everyone and NEED of many scribes to feed the INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE, simply it is beyond INFINITY.

Each filter or scribe has own frequency of receiving the KNOWLEDGE.

We the ARCTURIANS have buried this, so that humanity will REALISE that the old paradigm and ways have now PASSED; they serve no purpose, but only experiences. This includes old scriptures and books that served as a foundation for mankind, that have also passed.

Dear ones for some this will cause great distress to YOU ALL, but remember the period that passed was of old paradigm and mankind need NOW to progress and open their WISDOM within.

This WISDOM is a promise that was the beginning of the ‘experiment’ and which MANKIND was and gave BIRTH. When this happened we assured all HUMANS that the full DNA structure of MANKIND will be REINSTATED and KNOWLEDGE and KNOWING will be given BACK.

To experience in the old paradigm was to ensure a grounding and understanding that will give mankind a catapult to this FREQUENCY of the NOW.
We the ARCTURIANS have something we wish to share and this sharing is for all of MANKIND; and we say again, no ONE scribe can access this all but a group is possible.

We OPEN now the wisdom of the PLANET to YOU ALL.

In these words the scribe is writing contain CODES and FREQUZENCIES that require you all to meditate, contemplate and even ponder upon so that YOU may AWAKEN this wisdom WITHIN.

Inside you all and THIS outpouring of words are here to transform the DNA into full MASTERY of the SELF during a period of time.

These words are here to HONOUR that and behold onto YOU a guide of more HAPPENINGS of YOU.

Dear Ones, there is no special or unique or even secret way BUT only a WISDOM that has always been inside of YOU, so that you my open ONE SELF to this.

This KNOWLEDGE is a remainder that MANKIND must move on and further HIMSELF to reach HIS or HER MASTERY of HIS wisdom. There is no collectiveness but a UNIQUE signature with in you all. This signature is a KEY that has OPENED if you wish that upon yourself.

Dear Ones the way forward is to recognise that you are all masters in the waiting as WE the ARCTURIANS have always shared our wisdom with you all.

When you OPEN to YOURSELF you will awaken the planet and especially the filters in ULURU; this region too will pour out its energies FOR everyone or many who channell or ponder this area; so as to increase an energy that needs to be opened to open the inner CORE and wisdom of GAIA.

Be assured and remind you again this energy is HERE for all of mankind so that they may understand their ROOTS of origin.

The HISTORY that you KNOW is much polluted and altered to suppress the COMMON FOLKS and only to serve the so called elite who are no cowering in their homes...

The history was simply WRONG

So much wisdom was tossed around and put aside to nourish NO ONE except the greed of some. But this UPRISING of energies and MANKIND is a remainder that NO ONE is ever able to HOUSE such KNOWLEDGE ever again.

We have indeed made many mistakes in your growth and we now put this right.

Yes we say again we made mistakes, our wisdom was too lacked insight, but we are here to correct this at this time.

You may ask WHY we did not correct this in an earlier time period; for this answer is OTHER entities had interfered and attempted to corrupt and even imprison you for their OWN advantage.

We too sadly had the same intention, but we quickly realised this WAY was wrong and WE needed to be HONEST with all creations of MANKIND that the Supreme CREATOR had made.

We ask for forgiveness and that you may MOVE ON in your journey to complete mastery of the SELF.

We wish to explain MASTERY now; this is a complete wisdom that is OWED to YOU, so that YOU may understand what WISDOM and BIRTH of your planet and origin.

For this very purpose we have buried this wisdom in many parts of the world so that not ONE person will be able to access all this knowledge upon HIM or HER self. Many will claim that they contain this WHOLE wisdom but this is not possible. It will require many sittings over period of many years.


Dear one we welcome you back;

ULURU contains an energy to serve the southern hemisphere and to aid its awakening; YES there is other wisdom too, but its primary focus has always been to AWAKEN the energies of GAIA in this region.

When a scribe is able to transcribe this wisdom another is needed to write down the codes and images at the same time.

So we ask that another with wisdom be available so that all images be KEPT SAFE and be as a reference to this wisdom you are transcribing.

Dear One we are HERE to honour YOU and greet you ALL as OUR equals so that you do not feel in any way inferior to US. WE may hold a higher wisdom then you all at this moment, but be assured we also walked the same path of NOT KNOWING as you do or did do.

We too walked with a greater ignorance and needed many lifetimes and reincarnations before we attained our MASTERY of ourself, but this too according to our own intellect and desire that many had attained a knowledge that they wished upon themselves.

YES dear ones you have a choice and this choice is do you wish to STAY in this lower dimensional realm and play its scenes and happenings and be further in its gravity and pull; a choice that we ask you NOW

The choice that serves you at this moment we will honour or we do not to PUSH or PULL but as always of the CREATOR that FREE WILL has always been exercised.

But to those who wish to ascend and fly to their inner heights and WITHIN we ask you now that you read ON.

In the southern hemisphere a UNIQUE divine feminine gene is contained that serves a PURPOSE and opening of the DNA of MANKIND. This DNA has many finger prints as this is also dependent upon the INDIVIDUAL SELF, his or her experiences and free will and KNOW and his or her insight.
By this we mean;

The DNA pool of wisdom is different to every one and not one person is the same.

The example we give you is that of a finger print; it may be similar to some but NEVER the same; have you ever asked WHY?

Free will…dear ones

When a person ponders and meditates or by any way in their choosing to access the strands of WISDOM of this ULURU portal, the DNA will pour out onto them and onto the region where the access has been acquired.

That very person or many will have the SEED within and this seed adheres to that person. This scribe has now the SEED that will continue to sprout and give BIRTH to many plants and leaves.

Yes dear one it is indeed a life time of learning that will help the person or any one who wish to reach his or her OWN MASTERY.

Do you wish to reach this?

For the scribes present the answer has always been YES, and we honour that in YOU.

This DNA that is housed in this time capsule or portal contains the INNER CORE of GAIA; it is a BIRTH that gives BIRTH and continues.

What is BIRTH?

BIRTH is an elevation and insight that pertains to that VERY person to AWAKEN on his or her path. This birth is to stir that person in the direction of his or her choosing. But there is no right or wrong direction or even a path; as we honour all paths and directions that you may choose.

The CREATOR has never restricted mankind but you all restricted YOURSELVES.

Some snared population into a life time of total ignorance, yet WE cried out so that you may LOOK or STIR yourself away.

YOU are all unique signatures which EVEN the ARCTURIANS do not KNOW in which direction you may follow to reach your own mastery. This has always been YOUR OWN CHOICE.

This BIRTH of YOU is to OPEN the HEART and its beating to a rhythmic frequency to ULURU at this portal. When a connection is made the OUTPOURING onto that person BEGINS. He or she will receive a particular frequency or a puzzle piece to his OWN signature of his heart or self.

The HEART is a CORE that resonates with GAIA;

GAIA houses all energies needed to MASTER him or herself.

GAIA is a MASTER with herself, she is your prime ENERGY, so be grateful and give thanks to HER whenever you CAN dear ones.

She awaits this daily.

GAIA energy is infinite and she houses all 7 billion people total MASTERY; YES we say again it houses your energies and keeps so that you may access when it is required.

This energy is a life long energy that serves you to remain on your MASTERFUL path if you require as this is not compulsory. For many who are here to witness and be part of a process of awakening but NOT take part.

For some this may seem unwise but again we say it is your OWN path that you follow and exercise your own free will.

The Birds on GAIA are a remainder of a free consciousness and free will that exists and that no person or mankind has any power. This free consciousness is a permanent remainder (that without INTERFERENCE of others) of what can be attained.

See the birds fly and their ease in movement in there flight. See also how they effortlessly swoop down and up as they please.

It is this pleasure and UNBOUND freedom that they have mankind is to take wisdom and insight of.

But as soon as MANKIND has tried to capture that freedom for greed or money, that insight and freedom was lossed.

In life there are many examples of this WE ASK;

Why does mankind and yourself try to contain that which is FREE? When you cannot contain yourself, dear one.

You do not KNOW or possess limited understanding as you continue to SHUN the light of your KNOWING. If only you understood this WISDOM then you ask for FREEDOM of YOURSELF and others too.

Some even capture themselves due to ignorance or slowness, with these words we mean no disrespect but it needed to be said. Seek counsel when you do not KNOW and be not of the EGO that pounces the land with so much force that resonates that which is not needed.

To capture oneself is unwise, but seek freedom within and be free of all restraints that plagues you.

We have not mentioned LOVE, for it is the PRIMARY and most important ingredient in your life YET you know not.

LOVE is YOU and serves YOU. LOVE surrounds YOU and continues to grow WITH YOU. Do you SEE dear one.



The DNA structure that lies dormant, or unopened at this time can be opened at this time.

Some will say it is already opened and we do agree in all explanations; however, when the focus or insight is not projected in the direction, INWARDS then how can it be open.

This wakening is to open the cells and rid of the BLACKNESS that contains within. This BLACKNESS is old DNA experiment that was imbued in all of MANKIND structure and cells. For it met to contaminate the LIFE force in YOU.

It served to make mankind a slave and blind the free will and power. This power was your OWN treasure and it housed all KNOWLEDGE through each realm of YOUR very own existence.

We remind you that GAIA houses this catalytic energy and outpours when it is connected or even not connected; as it serves your LIVING and happenings in your life.

ULURU energy is needed as WE are aware of its pollution during this time and the old paradigm before 2012. We were aware of this and YES we ensured that at a particular time IT was needed to cleanse the hemisphere and RID the BLACKNESS that houses the region at this time.

This BLACKNESS pollutes much of this region and YOUR energies and OUTPOURING caused by the connection made is MUCH needed.

WE KNEW OF THIS; sadly we hold ourself responsible and others too who melded without a CAUSE only to over see the plan.

The plan was messed and we say with regret the other entities that watched and intervened, tried to follow; thinking they could enslave and reach a UNITY within themselves.

BUT they too failed and we too failed


We recognised that MASTERY and complete open-ness was needed to ensure that all DNA was given BACK to YOU.

We the ARCTURIANS buried our knowledge to be contained, and at the right time it may be accessed.

And so it is being accessed as you speak.

And so it is dear one...we will speak with you again…