P007 Conversations


Conversations P007

We are here, We are The Pleiadians.... Greetings Dear Shazi

Shazi: Greetings Sojourner

The Cosmic Sojourner: We are here once again to aid you in your future and current path.

Shazi: Perhaps you can explain the current climate and change.

The cosmic Sojourner; Dear Shazi there is much which is happening in the awakening of the planet and the consciousness of mankind. But at the same time there is still a lot of Humans who still refuse to awake.

There are attachments to their third dimensional existence caused by the vibration that closely resembles the ego. There is much to do in cleansing of the inner self before any changes will happen to them. Their awakening will be none for some but delayed for others.

The ruling orders in Governments are still adhering to policies and plans of the old, which are collapsing and which are too failing. Many companies built around greed and dishonesty will fail, even collapse altogether.

The news will regularly show immoral practices and highlight further corrupted practices.

Shazi: What can we do?

The Cosmic Sojourner: For this individual task and undoing, no person is accountable except for their own. Each person is required to make changes for the progress and spiritual growth.

We thank you again Dear Shazi.
The Cosmic Sojourner: and so it is, Dear ONE(s)....
--- The Pleiadians sign out

Shazi: thank you The Cosmic Sojourner for your enlightenment.