P006 Conversations


Conversations P006

We are here, We are The Pleiadians.... Greetings Dear Shazi

Shazi: Greetings Sojourner

The Cosmic Sojourner: we are here to serve your consciousness and aid in your transformation to your 5D inner awakening.

There are many solutions Dear Shazi, but the answer is that we ask you to search your inner wisdom for particular issues, for them to be resolved.

However Dear Shazi, we have been watching your own progress with happiness and are pleased that your mergence has been complete. This is another graduation for you and we are pleased to witness this.

We hear your thoughts and there are many questions, but ask that certain events will unfold at the designated times and we will be there as guides if needed.

Dear Shazi, be assured that consciousness is going through a deep cleansing throughout the planet and will need time over several years before changes internally do occur.

Shazi: Why is this so slow?

The Cosmic Sojourner: the reason is man's own identity is his own, every person is unique with their own cleansing and no two are alike. Some need longer than others whilst others need to change direction in their lives to fulfil their own destiny and path.

There are no quick solutions but if one makes certain strides on their path then some events will quicken.

Dear Shazi we give glad tidings of a messenger which will come forth today. We assure you that your well being is our priority and we are here to serve and protect YOU and all of your writings.

Be assured Dear Shazi we are honoured and humbled in a sublime soul that you are.

Be one in silence

The Cosmic Sojourner: and so it is, Dear ONE(s)....
--- The Pleiadians sign out

Shazi: thank you The Cosmic Sojourner for your enlightenment.