P005 Conversations


Conversations P005

We are here, We are The Pleiadians.... Greetings Dear Shazi

Shazi: Greetings Sojourner

The Cosmic Sojourner: We wish to talk to you about the mind and its complexities and how to combat the recurring thoughts that lower one's vibrations.

Shazi: Please continue

The Cosmic Sojourner: The mind is a tool to be respected and understand; for it is the key to. It is advisable too to ground your energies Dear Shazi. The energies are much needed for the transition to take place.

Your mind is developing and each time expanding into a vastness of infinity to nothing; Your spiritual mind is growing to incorporate the new paradigm and its responsibilities the Creator has given you.

There is even a transititional change happening to you too. This is all positive and need to take its course.

The mergence of hearts has meant a clear conscience and starts you. So go out and venture of it is all light.
Trust in the Lord you have and this will strengthen you inside and see the changes to come.

Be one in silence

The Cosmic Sojourner: and so it is, Dear ONE(s)....
--- The Pleiadians sign out

Shazi: thank you The Cosmic Sojourner for your enlightenment.