P004 Conversations


Conversations P004

We are here, We are The Pleiadians.... Greetings Dear Shazi

Shazi: Greetings Sojourner

The Cosmic Sojourner: We are here to inspire you to greater height and reinforce your focus as you communicate with us.

Your vessel is ready to receive this wisdom and new energy.

It is your birth right as the keeper responsible for this energy.

Shazi: what exactly do I need to do with it?

The Cosmic Sojourner: The energy is of a high intensity and your vessel is being used to awaken the souls who need awaking

You have controlled and tuned your vessel perfectly and have sacrificed a great deal to the cause and it has been your mission for a long time.

It is a further testimony on how far you have come on this journey in such a small time.

Shazi: what does my path lye ahead for me?

The Cosmic Sojourner: The Creator will address this question when you ask and is waiting to talk to you after this channelling.

Be assured Dear Shazi our involvement is to help you develop spiritually and enhance your energies widely around the world. We say this with gratitude and humbleness, as you are.

We are most pleased with your togetherness you are multiplying in others.

Around you they are watching your inspiration coming into fruition. You are indeed pleased by so many.

Your energy transfer is complete Dear Shazi;

We thank you for your dedication

The Cosmic Sojourner: and so it is, Dear ONE(s)....
--- The Pleiadians sign out

Shazi: thank you The Cosmic Sojourner for your enlightenment.