P002 Conversations


Conversations P002

We are here, We are The Pleiadians.... Greetings Dear Shazi

Shazi: Before we start can I ask your name?

The Cosmic Sojourner: My name is Sojourner; I am assigned to you to expand your consciousness.

Shazi: Thank you Sojourner, many of my readers and family have only have a basic knowledge of Pleiadians and including I. Please can you introduce who you are?

The Cosmic Sojourner: Indeed dear Shazi; I am a consciousness and many who channell are channelling a consciousness.

Even in channelling there are levels where some have not reached, this is down to their insight and sublime sight. We feel in your heart that an easy translation from you, we in this case will indeed comply.

On December 21st in your calendar, you merged with a new energy that has increased your insight in channelling. Even though you were not aware of this, most are not able to channell me such is the level needed to make contact; so we admire your dedication dear Shazi

Shazi: Sojourner can you please explain again what your role is?

The Cosmic Sojourner: I am a consciousness like many too are assigned to individuals who are only serving mankind to raise their level of consciousness beyond the critical and past 50%. When this happens we will enter the phase of ascension.

You dear one have been helping like so many to make this happen and moving closer to this ascension happening on this planet.

Shazi: Can you explain how you are going to teach me and my readers please?

The Cosmic Sojourner: Each day you have a different insight and questioning and we will respond only to those queries unless there are certain things that we need to tell you that are important.

We advise you dear Shazi that you have your questions ready so that time is not lost and the flow is not disrupted. We are here to serve you and answer the call of the gap that was created when you merged with your energy on 21st December and completed this merging on new years day.

We accept that it was a difficult and challenging phase in those days suffering from fatigue but this transition was necessary to establish contact.

Shazi: when should we meet again Sojourner?

The Cosmic Sojourner: We can meet anytime and anywhere as your vessel is open to anyplace that is required. We thank you again dear Shazi

The Cosmic Sojourner: and so it is, Dear ONE(s)....
--- The Pleiadians sign out

Shazi: thank you The Cosmic Sojourner for your enlightenment.