OP250 - Denial is your Enemy


Hello Son,

Denial is your Enemy

Many years ago, when there was no faith, belief or values; people simply used the gun to seize things for themselves. It was living without any concern for another. If they did have values then it was ego based and full of lies to win over another.

We have to be thankful that such anarchy and chaos in those times have almost disappeared in most parts of the world, but some places they do certainly exist.

When we are faced with so many selections and variety, from things to knowledge; then we must analyse to see their worthiness according to what resonates with our heart and mind.

However, if we reject everything and say it is not for us, then we only deny and cloud our heart from the needs of ourselves.

When we listen from the heart and think in silence, we can hear guidance, but again if we keep denying this, we only deny ourselves.

If we have lived our life in this type of thinking then it has become a habit and the mind and body will automatically reject what is true. This is because you know what is different, your normality is denial.

My beloved light beings, this chaotic phase we are living in is the end of all denial of the mind; or should we say a period of free thinking is about take place.

There is much love in the air as many are transmitting through their own energy fields. This is a direct result in the change of thinking and the positivity in one's actions.

This is a wave that is happening and is not going to stop but will build up with speed and height.

You are all part of this wave of change to maintain the balance and move into another wave of love.

Your mother; it is wise to accept the inheritance coming your way.