OP249 - Rising above Material Things


Hello Son,

Rising above Material Things

The dark lords are making temptations into an art form by constantly advertising things that you ‘must have’; but they are losing their battle as more people are aware of this. They shun away all things and but at a minimum and concentrate on their path of truth and harmony.

We become to know more and more that material things only give limited pleasure and we soon become fed up of things.

Often our own mentality can go overdrive and buy that ‘phone’, thinking it is the best for us and increase our ego at the same time. But we soon come to our higher senses and move back to our spiritual routine and discipline.

Such is the wisdom of yourself that even the Lord admires the courage and steps you are making to rid the uncertainty we have inside. But this is only minor and should not be worried about.

Look out for things that are worthy in buying that will enrich your thinking and increase the love you have inside of you. This love multiplies each day when you concentrate on raising your vibrations over the matter and the realm of limitations on this planet.

There is nothing you can't do, and it is only the matter of focusing without the ego to succeed in your ventures.

Oh beloved light beings the words will increase each day as a constant reminder that it is wisdom that will increase your own intelligence and increase the quality of your life.

Be wise in your spending as they will try to ruin you into bankruptcy.

The material things are not necessary so shun them away.

Your mother; the world is transforming into the higher vibrations of the fifth, you too will move into this vibration. So embrace the energies with gladness and love for the Creator.