OP248 - Your Path is Unique, so Listen to your Inner Voice


Hello Son,

Your Path is Unique, so Listen to your Inner Voice

We can only give advice and guidance, but the inner voice and higher consciousness knows you best. The soul is aware of your strengths and guides accordingly.

It raises your instincts when it wants you to make an action through signs and images. Your path oh beloved light beings are unique and no paths are the same.

The uniqueness of your experiences has got you to this moment to inspire you further above the higher vibrations.

Each day you read which inspires and sparks the mind into a higher thinking. It is this thinking that increases your own awareness.

This inspiration leads to many truths which are revealed each day. When you connect to your higher, you rise above the lower vibrations and limitations. When this happens your worries and struggles are soon forgotten, such is the prize given to you by your Lord Creator.

Oh mankind connect to your path, your uniqueness, for it is for you.

Your message to find the way to the fifth dimensional realms is here for you, do not wait but take it in your stride with happiness and love.

Your mother; all routines are routines but the higher path is a routine that will develop and wake the truth and intellect of the higher word of God.