OP247 - Seeking Perfection


Hello Son,

Seeking Perfection

The soul through the word of the spirit only sees perfection; yet is dedicated and determined to feed information forward to our consciousness. But we are constantly vibrating at a lower frequency and unable to understand the true message.

Nevertheless the gaps are increasingly smaller than ever before, as more and more people awaken and practice raising their vibrations.

My dear beloved light beings we must realise that we have to make the forward step for change and seek perfection in ourselves. The Creator is surrounding mankind with examples of perfection for all to see. He has sent down examples of perfect people in Prophets and Saints; who through their dedication worked towards their own struggle in life before they found themselves and God.

The energies are flooding the planet and the cells are opening and realigning to receive the word of God. It is the very reason so many are feeling tired and sluggish as the energies need time to manifest and balance them.

We need a constant reminder that this event is sacred and has never happened before in the history of the planet as mankind move forward to perfection.

This change will ignite the fire of knowledge of understanding and increase the love vibration throughout the planet

We can make a start by doing the things that we enjoy and help others. By doing so we are serving others which is a higher and noble cause. The Prophets were examples as they perfected this art and it is their footsteps we should be following.

The added advantage you have is that knowledge is available at your fingertips and should be accessed daily. When we do, we align our mind to the higher vibrations. Written in many spiritual and channelled messages are points of focus, which ignites one's thinking and spark to complete a positive action.

Oh beloved light beings do not wait for a miracle or an event, because the miracle is in you; so strive forward and repel the negativity that is reminded each day in the news. But absorb the light of change within your mind, soul and higher consciousness through the spirit.

Your mother; your are perfect but need to access this perfection through practice; belief is the key and surround yourself with love in examples in life.