OP246 - The Limitations of the Physical World


Hello Son,

The Limitations of the Physical World

It has happened to everyone, when dreams or desires do not get fulfilled; when this happens we become disillusioned for a time and become pessimistic. On occasions it has become a regular occurrence, even worse when we have to wait for something only to be totally devastated when it does not happen.

‘That is life, some things happen and some things are simply not meant to be’.

We have all heard of these words before and they continue to be used

Have you noticed that on occasions our personal desire becomes our driving force for change. This desire or aim for something to happen can be firmly fixed into our consciousness and recurs regularly when we think. It seems to get stronger as each day goes by or even years.

This insatiable appetite draws its energy from the soul; this is the direct result of one's own conscious thought that keeps the desires alive until fulfilment.

If a person tries anything without using the inspiration of the soul, he may not be able to write a single word; such is the contact and instructions that come for the soul and Divine spirit.

We can easily say that we have limited capabilities in this material zone and in the higher realms our capabilities are endless.

There is no comparison.

Your mother; draw inspiration from the energy of your dreams.