OP245 - Power of the Spirit


Hello Son,

Power of the Spirit

The soul principle aim is to establish a link with its physical body; this desire that never diminishes but only increases over time.

The soul is patient and waits until the right moment to send its inspiration through to the conscious, hoping that the message is interpreted correctly. Often does stress, worry, anxiety and doubt cloud our thinking.

However the soul is confident because it draws its power; inspirational energy, from the spirit and the God consciousness. The spirit is pure and unpolluted and the message the soul receives is clear and understandable.

When these messages are transferred to the conscious, it goes through a veil. The veil is the matter surrounding the body and the complete realm of the planet. The clarity of the message is also dependent upon the person receiving the message.

If that person is able to rise above the matter vibrations, than he is able to receive the message, in its entirety. This can be done through meditation, silencing the mind, dreams, contemplation, or a direct download to the mind.

When a person is firmly grounded to the material world and holds the world more than his soul or higher consciousness; then he is likely to receive a partial message.

My beloved light beings we are here to advise the best possible existence for you; and we should draw inspiration from the soul. It is the soul that draws most of our inspiration and knowledge; there is no denying this, if you only knew.

The soul has no barriers or veils, like doubt or even worries. Throughout its attachment to the physical body it draws its strength from the spirit and yourselves. The loving attachment will always stay strong for it is a part of itself and vice versa.

As we become more and more acquainted with the soul, this emotional attachment becomes stronger; the barrier between each other becomes less and less, until its highest spiritual contact of direct instructions. Some have achieved this in this world.

Your mother; your spirit is the Divine word of God and it feeds the soul then the consciousness.