OP244 - Energy from the Spirit


Hello Son,

Energy from the Spirit

The soul is a higher spiritual being, and receives its energy and inspiration from the spirit in words, images and direct contacts with the God self.

Many have become increasingly aware of this and are seeking directions and guidance in this topic. More are further realising that through the higher consciousness advice can be accessed which is unpolluted from the desires of the ego and material world.
Some have realised that knowing one soul is like knowing themselves and its functioning. It is like knowing a friend intimately where they can judge their actions.

By finding the secrets of spirituality by reading and having direct contact, they have become wiser than ever before and even intelligent. This is the direct result of the left spiritual and creative brain becoming activated.

Some have decided to pursue creative arts to open the dormant left brain and give it a kick start. As a result there have been an increase around the world painting and putting creative ideas in arts and crafts taking place.

Many people around the world believe in a higher source that is guiding and running the planet. They are aware of a higher Divine consciousness that can be tapped into, which they are pursuing with great vigour.

For all these desires and pursuits, the energy is coming from their own inner awakening from your spirit.

Your mother; the fruits are soon ripening and the pleasure is enjoying your own work come into action positively.