OP243 - Innate Quest


Hello Son,

Innate Quest

More and more people from all countries around the world have an innate desire for change.

Many have gone public than ever before about what they believe in. They demand the truth and an end of hardships and unfair treatment in the workplace.

There are some who have changed everything from their personal life seeking something which is their own dreams.

This year has seen rapid change in all fronts in people which have affected most people around the world, even without their knowing.

These signs and many more are indications that the soul and even you are seeking perfection.

This perfection is life in another language that needs to be understood before it can be further implemented. Your lives need to change if you require the changes in your life to happen; otherwise the routines, the thinking and actions will remain the same.
The first step has to be on your side before anything can happen. The universal laws can only put into action from your thoughts. It is like a permission which is to be granted to whatever thought or by simply plugging into a power source, to receive the energy to do the job or event.

This new earth to be put into another orbit will see a new world filled with love and perfection.

It is the energy of perfection which is surrounding the earth as we speak; it's why so many people complain about things that are opposite.

Your mother; know thyself before you know others, know thy inspiration before you can inspire others, know thy love before you can be loved and love others.