OP242 - If this Is not Enough……


Hello Son,

If this Is not Enough……

If this is not enough the Creator has given mankind a free garden to play in, which we call nature. This is to be experienced and admired upon to have its true impact in the conscious.

If this is not enough, he has given everyone a task, responsibility, hobbies and jobs to experience and enjoy life in a different environment.

If this is not enough he has given mankind free will to add on anything on his mind's desire to his life to enjoy.

If this is not enough he has given many moments in life to enjoy, laugh and love each other; to experience an emotion that we all need and want.

If this is not enough he has given clues, insights and instinct within our intellect to see the signs to make further his quest for knowledge, in any field he wishes. During current times this is easier than ever before.

If this is not enough he has led many to the correct path when your own mind needed guidance. He has done this to everyone, regardless of colour, race or personal beliefs; He does not discriminate but is equal to all who wants to know.

If this is not enough he has inspired millions of people to act as guides, teachers and wayshowers on your own path of any knowledge, job or activity. He has made this possible to keep your free will alive and has never confined you to any corner.

If this is not enough he has sent many people to be your friends and partners to inspire and awaken your inner desires regardless of the topic, chore or desire. He has this possible to everyone who ventures out.

If this not enough he has inspired people to write, this can be read in whatever language; to resonate with your inner heart and mind. He has never censored anything but left it up to you, which the Creator should be thanked immediately for.

This can only happen when action and decisions are made by you, you are the master of yourself.

Your mother; the words are only words when added with experience they become alive.