OP241 - Building Blocks of Life


Hello Son,

Building Blocks of Life

The soul craves to be listened and heard from your conscious self; it is a bond with you until you sleep; when it roams the higher planes. This soul is a permanent part of you and your complete body, there is no denying this fact.

Have you ever wondered why is their an innate recurring desire to know oneself and be recognised?

This is from your soul’s desire to know.

While you sleep the soul ventures out, as seen in your dreams, to build upon and seek out the places in the higher dimensions; even visiting friends and relatives of the past. Sometimes we see signs and images or complete scenes of events, like a movie. No matter what, it too wishes to experience and further build upon the knowledge it has.

Whether in this material world or in the dream world, knowledge can only built upon further through the senses. When it is lived, acted out and further actions and decisions are made, then we begin to understand.

The building blocks of life are to be understood within our innerself and have the satisfaction that we truly do understand.

Then we can further our own ventures with believing in ourselves as our true master and the supreme master in the creator.

It need not be a 100% belief in you, but a partial one is enough to make a start, which is like an insatiable thirst. This thirst can never be quenched as your principle desire to know will overtake all other desires.

Often what attracts you is what the body needs; once this is satisfied then progress in all of the senses, inner and outer can be made.

In all of these words and thousands words, remember you are guided and loved.

You are not misguided, just have lack the of self discipline that is needed to progress further. We say this lightly and with great love. This material world can often lead many to be distracted.

Your mother; through life we can make a start on our inner journey.