OP239 - Fulfilling our Purposes


Hello Son,

Fulfilling our Purposes

If we carefully look around what we see in the world, but firstly around where you live. It is all part of your life and part of your destiny.

They are all there for a purpose.

Now look carefully at the flowers and trees, the mountains and streams, they too are there for a purpose.

The world is made from the vibrational energies of love through the Divine manifestations of the Light and attributes of the Creator, for a purpose.

But do you really understand your purpose and role or even your needs and wants. When you do you will have filled in the many missing blanks in your life.

You are you, your challenges and actions are your own. We can only guide you the best we can, but you know inside what is best; the soul knows it too, through the spirit.

Fulfil your own purpose and the needs of yourself to understand more of what you are looking for.

Life is not a maze but needs understanding and explanations on the way. Each step needs not be tentative, but a step in confidence in the right direction.

Stay in the silence and find the way, the way of you.

Your mother; listen, read and watch the things that resonates the inner heart of you.