OP238 - The Balance of Harmonies for the Body, Mind and Soul


Hello Son,

The Balance of Harmonies for the Body, Mind and Soul

When during birth the baby cries; yearning to be free and back to its freedom. It is confined its small body and is upset.

To maintain a balance for the mind, body and soul complex there needs to be a connection in both realms; this is the spiritual and material world. If there is not a balance then the physical, emotional, spiritual senses and emotions lose their equilibrium.

It is for this reason we must not cut ourselves from the world and people to maintain this harmony or just focus on the spiritual path wholly.

Some souls are unable to make a drastic change to one or the other and not able to maintain any sort of balance.

It is difficult and sometimes unwise to say the following, for everyone’s mind, body and soul complex are different; nevertheless, making a living and being part of the material world challenges and events is all part of the Creator's plan.

This plan was to find and learn through your own experiences to the light and knowledge of oneself. In other words, the material life leads directly to the spiritual path. When one is able to learn through the challenges and directions of the soul; then he is able to find the missing link and rid his emptiness when a link to the higher self is made; thus maintaining a balance for the emotional body.

We can easily rid other things in life but living in this world is necessary and playing the part is essential. It is why working or doing chores and helping out family or friends, for example, are there to maintain this balance.

The soul when it arrives in this world is shocked by its own physical body and cries out, wanting to go back to the angelic realm and the presence of God. By living in this world it gets accustomed and is able to maintain an emotional balance. We are then, for some, able to learn to interpret the needs and wants for soul through our dreams, visions, channelling and higher self and God self.

The balance is then maintained.

Understanding our needs through the chattering mind is part of a bigger understanding of oneself and the higher spiritual path. They are naturally and emotionally connected. This connection is part of you and is increasingly achieving this year, the year of change.
We cannot simply dismiss everything and reject signs, as the evidence is everywhere.

The soul is helping you to maintain a higher balance and is guiding you to the right path. Live in truth and love.

Your mother; the world is not in chaos but adjusting the events and scenes to achieve a balance for the future of the planet.