OP237 - Looking into the Same Picture


Hello Son,

Looking into the Same Picture

Is everyone in your inner personal and family circle looking into the same picture?

The picture is your life.

When a family enjoy the same picture they can come up with the same energy vibrations as the rest of the family. This is because everyone is sharing the same experience and view point in your picture.

If your picture becomes challenging, then everyone in your inner circle understand because they all are part of this experience. But as soon as other members go against in vigour and anger, then the picture can break down.

Members of the family or inner circle will begin to see cracks in the picture. Some will make up seeing the cracks due to their own frustration. This is the first steps of when the picture is breaking down and the start of disagreements and quarrelling.

When a family or inner circle all share the same experiences whether they are frustrating or not, they become philosophical and understanding; because they see what you see.

You are all vibrating in the same tune as everyone else; you are living in a mixed emotional world when changes are happening at an instant. Where mankind is stepping out of their shell for the first time and be counted as a believer in the truth. You are all going through this and we are going through this with you.

My beloved light beings we do understand the tiredness and heaviness, as the energies of the fifth dimensional world need time to manifest and awaken your inner qualities and attributes.

Some will ignite like a flame with anger as they do not understand what is happening to them. So be patient with them and be sympathetic. Everyone’s experiences are different so we need to give time to your loved ones and inner circle family members.

Your mother; the pictures are evolving and manifesting into the expansion of you.