OP236 - Are you Vibrating with the Right Beat?


Hello Son,

Are you Vibrating with the Right Beat?

When our plans do not go to plan; there are a variety of reasons why. However consider one of these reasons.

We remind you that our thoughts govern our life and by one's actions. This harmony of thought and mind is essential correlation for manifestation to take place.

Yes we actually run our own lives; if you think about the two angels on our shoulders who write the positive or negative things and actions we do. We have been told this from childhood. This is evidence that if we did not have these two angels to record things down then we cannot say we are free to do anything we please.

But is there harmony between our conscious and subconscious to make our judgements and actions profitable?

Far too often there is conflict in the mind due to stress, uncertainty or undecidedness. When this happens, our mind goes into override; churning thoughts into a full running train. Then we simply run out of energy and become tired.

A calm mind accepts every situation as Karma, and does not worry about the consequences; often he accepts every answer, action, judgement as part of life. So in effect he remains majority of his life in total balance or peace and harmony.

His mind due to his calm and relaxed thinking lets life be his path; in other words he is in total control of his emotions and his actions.

In this relaxed state without any conflict, he is now vibrating at the correct frequency as his higher consciousness or guide or even the point of manifestation for things to happen.

When we are in this state as a normal part of our life, then we are able to silence one's mind and listen.

 An immediate connection with the universal cosmic world is made, which then manifests our desires and pleasures. In some cases we receive visions to guide or even warn of consequences.

But this can only happen if we accept what is happening and leave our whole life in the actions of our Lord. In simple words, we call this trust in ourself and our Creator.

We do accept circumstances in life can leave many to worry and become confused; I too had to face many challenges that led me to tears. So I do understand.

Your mother; accept and trust in your harmonic state of balance as a guide for better and higher spiritual things.