OP235 - Recognising outside This Material Realm


Hello Son,

Recognising outside This Material Realm

There are millions and millions of people who only see the material world as life with nothing after death. With no concept whatsoever of a higher spiritual realm of the fourth or fifth or even higher dimensions.

Some are even researching or reading about spiritual knowledge or other realms yet it is soon forgotten. Their mental routines have not changed; their own way of thinking and their beliefs are still the same.

We do accept that it is not easy to believe with our lower senses and insight.

Yet if we are patient with ourselves, and keep practicing, raising our vibrations then the ‘pin will drop’ and understanding will quickly follow.

Often it is our restlessness and impatience that make thinking confused. There is no need, the Creator has a plan for everyone and we need to keep the faith alive.

Beloved light beings find the higher realms by researching all the work which is at your finger tips. The truth is easier than you think.

We are in gratitude to so many of you through hardships and the struggle you have kept going whist others had simply turned away. We need you to be strong for yourselves and others around you.

The planetary alignment will follow a massive awakening of all chakras to so many people around the world.

Insight and immediate understanding will follow.

Your mother; there is wisdom in what you do right now.