OP234 - Illumination of Soul and Mind


Hello Son,

Illumination of Soul and Mind

Prophet Mohammed said that an illuminated soul never fears death; if we analyse these words we can deduce that the person has found or inherited something that he does not fear.

If we use an example to describe this in our everyday life; we must remember that fear is simply not knowing about something or an event;

A person when he first learns how to drive, he is constantly worried about crashing the car. It is quite common for everyone who has learnt how to drive to have this thought occur in the back of the mind.

Yet when he gets more accustomed to the controls and the manners of the road, this fear diminishes rapidly and is replaced by confidence. The fear factor eventually disappears and the thought is quickly forgotten for most.

This experience that person has gained will stay with him for the rest of his driving days. He has learnt and practiced a skill to perfection, as long as he keeps driving.

When we acquaint ourselves with our higher self and build a relationship, the analogy is the same, the fear soon disappears. This is because the more interaction we have with the soul, higher self or God self, we gain the knowledge and insight.

Knowledge is light and it rids the darkness of ignorance.

When a person learns the things he does not know about, he gains a mastery of the topic or subject. If he continues to seek this knowledge and develop this over time his mind becomes illuminated with the vibrations inherited in the words.

The soul too becomes the benefactor, and the mind and soul become an excellent partnership.

The more a person learns about the after life and after death; the lack of alienation will disappear into insight and wisdom.

Your mother; the more you learn the more the mind becomes illuminated.