OP232 - We have our Own Purpose


Hello Son,

We have our Own Purpose

There is much soul searching through the maze of our own life. As we began to understand more what is happening around our life, the questions keep increasing. The wisdom of the mind has yet to make sense of what is happening. But be assured all is well and everyone is awakening in their own way.

Yet some of you are asking the question, for your own purpose in life.

It is important that you enjoy each moment and in your spiritual journey for the truth as well.

Everyone has their own goal, desires and wants; pursue them with a smile. It is unwise to compare with others at this time because no two paths are the same. So rid the thought of comparing with others and relax and let things be.

We are so pleased with you all especially for your patience in this majestic year; there is so much things happening all around you without you knowing. It is best this way; as the main focus has always been to raise your awareness by reaching the higher frequencies to match your higher consciousness.

These messages from yourselves are an important guidance for your personal self; in terms of what is needed by you to find the truth.

Be at peace, if you are not aware, things as guidance is coming daily and your mind and body is acting accordingly without you knowing this.

Remember dear enlightened beings that your outer life and experiences are still important, so do not ignore them; keep an open eye of things and let your heightened senses guide you through.

Your mother; you are dissolving in the new wave of energies that are present at this time.