OP231 - Freedom of the Soul


Hello Son,

Freedom of the Soul

The soul is the true self and identity of one's self; it has no death but only a transition to one dimension to another.

It does not fear as the connection with the God self is strong; only the ignorant soul that holds on to the material world worries about the outcome.

It is the very reason some see ghosts, apparitions of dead people; these are they who have lasting ties of this world. These are the souls who find the world alluring and hoarded material things and objects. But this is not true in all cases.

The soul aim is to find the Source and find its own identity through knowledge. Its desire increases within each realm and does not diminish, whether we are aware or not.

The Soul does not regard death as death, but only a realm transition to another. In each ascending realm it increases its own understanding.

The physical body is only a trap for the soul, for it longs to be free from its confinement. It has memories of the angelic realms when it was allowed to be free and be guided in the presence of the Divine Master. Nothing could compare with the awe inspiring realm.

After physical death the soul is free to roam through the dimensions, it is freedom. It is only this realm that it had to face so many challenging experiences with its physical body. Freedom comes at last and the journey continues for the soul.

The enjoyment increases when mankind has found its soul and is able to communicate with the higherself and God self. When man is able to manifest the things and alter his own Akashic records for the experience of the path of enlightenment.

Manifest your thoughts and dreams and let it happen.

Your mother; your acquaintance is what is needed and knowing the truth harmonises your true self.