OP230 - The Organisation


Hello Son,

The Organisation

There is no doubt that mankind can never emulate the creation of the Kingdom of God. He is not able to create not even an ant. Scientists claim otherwise, but it does not have a soul; when they display their mechanical devices.

Such is the power and organisation of planning, he has thought of everything for the soul’s journey beyond each realm of existence.

The Creator has never stopped the progress of our journey, but it was our own denial that made us lost.

But the awakening reaches its peak and soon many will know truth as it is a household topic of conversation. Until that period comes, mankind will continue their own quests for further truths.

Many communications from various sources the Creator has given knowledge too; so that not one person is burdened down in pressure; such is the organisation that He continues to worry about our own welfare.

In this time period and of intense energies, some of you will find it difficult, as tiredness will increase for some, so rest when you can. Let the energies revitalise the cells of the body.

Your mother; the Creator is aware of the needs and only He knows when it is time to be released. So give your trust to the Lord.