OP229 - The Breath of Life


Hello Son,

The Breath of Life

When a baby cries out on birth it is for a purpose; it cries because of its restriction and the loss of its freedom.

Before birth the soul was able to roam freely and experience other refined souls, which were full of love. It was in the presence of the Divine Source, God; then all of a sudden it has been restricted to its physical body.

The body has confined the soul to a dress which it not wants, so it cries out to be released. For a time period the baby objects to the restriction, until it experiences love and comfort from its mother. It has accepted its fate and realises it cannot go back to its previous realm of existence.

The first breath of the baby is its birth in this realm. The breath of life and its ego, its own identity commences.

We are aware that the senses of the baby are not complete but only partial. This is because the strain of being away from its previous realm would put enormous pressure on the child. So it is born with partial senses only to develop later.

Only God was aware of this and acted accordingly, such is the organisation of the Lord Creator.

Slowly but surely the senses of the baby develops, this is the nurturing period of the child. The parents have made the transition easy for the child, no matter what its upbringing is, the baby is acquainted with its world, and soon it loses its desire to go back.

Your mother; to understand the truth, truth must be gained without fear, to be released.