OP228 - The Call


Hello Son,

The Call

The appetite increases, the urge to know more is vital; can you hear the call?

You have witnessed, read and seen a fragment of heavenliness and truth; this is calling you and you can feel its pull.

You may not be aware why but the consciousness desire to link up with the higher planes of existence is increasingly stronger.

Many of you are doing exactly what the soul is guiding you to do. Seeking the truth from the words; as a result its energy is revitalising and opening up more insights and understanding.

Each day you are changing, you are becoming divine; as you continue to find things that resonates you.

The call is pulling you in and you wish to go back to the ignorance of the material world. Your awakening is inspirational and the truth is harmonising the body. New energies are making you stronger mentally and wiser.

You are slowly merging with your higher self and staying in a meditative state is becoming easier.

Some of you have answered the call to serve for mankind's awakening. It is this reason that simply sitting down is no longer an option; but being active in educating others has been a personal goal. This goal has been inspired in you by your Creator as your soul volunteered to help.

Your mother; in these words there is wisdom insight for those who wish to graduate higher into the dimensional realms.