OP227 - Physical and Angelic Souls


Hello Son,

Physical and Angelic Souls

The Word of God is the Divine Spirit present in all the souls’ realms of existence.

What does this mean?

Let me explain; our physical body is the garment or dress of the soul. The soul is infinite; in other words it can live forever. But to experience this realm it has to wear a protective shield we call the body.

This also includes the realms of angels; that too was a dimension in the presence of the Lord our Creator. The soul too had a garment to protect itself.

There is only one soul we are given and that soul stays with us through to the highest realms and beyond its journey.

The soul is the same whether we are in the physical or any of the higher spiritual realms. However, in each of the realms it remembers more of its encounters with the Lord when it was given its knowledge.

This was the same when Adam was given the knowledge of the names. This was all the knowledge of Creation and its manifestations. It is why so many beloved light beings in this world are waking up to extra ordinary abilities and talents. This is because they have remembered the knowledge through the contact of their soul.

Whether they are aware of this or not, this is same for everyone who dedicates their life in finding their hidden potential and creativity in life.

So the physical or angelic souls are the same but their experiences are not.

The soul’s journey is a path of learning and finding its hidden attributes.

Once mankind is able to make contact with the soul, we will never understand our own existence and purpose in any given moment. Being confused and unaware of things will stay with us in our life.

But this is not the same for everyone, as the wave of people awakening opens each day.

Your mother; there is knowledge wherever you look.