OP226 - Soul after Death


Hello Son,

Soul after Death

Death is one of those topics that create thousands of images in the mind because of the way of passage from this world.

The Creator has always wanted mankind to experience the realms in this educational learning environment of this planet. This includes the journey of the soul after death.

We see dreams develop over time in our lives into vivid scenes that inspire or shock the foundation of our mind.    

In any topic, knowledge or journey that we are unaware about; it creates fear, uncertainty or doubt. This is because we have to have all of our senses experience to achieve and understand what we want to learn.

If we continue experience through all the senses and even in our dreams or dream states, then we begin to learn and feel the energy of the subject matter come alive.

The soul knows where it receives its inspiration through the spirit. There is a longing to get closer to this light and the desire. It is like a thirst that keeps on increasing. It is aware about its physical body and the goal in every realm of its existence.

The soul is able to distinguish its physical presence and body with its spirit life force and its God self. It is also has a recollection through memory of its existence as angel and its presence with God.

Everyday it inspires the conscious to be more acquainted with its higher consciousness; this continues every second of its life in this realm and in all the realms.

Your mother; seek the foundation and background of the path of enlightenment.