OP225 - Developing the Soul


Hello Son,

Developing the Soul

We have said that ‘All human beings are grown up angels who have graduated/wished to experience this realm’.

To activate the ‘qualities of the soul’ we need to do the things that will enhance and reignite the attributes; by doing good things that make us/others feel better in the heart, and not hurt others.

By helping and serving others without the ego interfering in our judgements, this will help to remember/activate the qualities of the soul.

We remind you the soul has a journey that is to experience and find the truth in God. It has the innate desire to know and acquire the knowledge. We are fortunate enough that the soul is helping us to do this by inspiring our minds through pictures and direct contact through channelling and in our meditations.

To develop ourselves is to develop our true self which is the soul and activate the angelic qualities and further our own progress on the path.

How do you do this?

First of all learn to forgive ourselves and accept lessons learnt in the past that have caused uncertainty and pain. If we keep thinking back then progress will not be made.

Now follow your dreams and aspirations that will make you and the people around you feel good. You are feeding the atmosphere with your happy vibrations.

Next what you are do right now, meditate and raise one’s vibrations.

However, this must be done regularly and with a goal in mind. Keeping in mind that experiences of the world are essential to spark the mind into activity. This also includes being active in our actions and not simply sitting down and waiting.

A cup placed on the table will not move unless you move it and put it away. The analogy can be said in our own behaviour and actions. The principle works the same and the energies come into operation to manifest the desired outcome.

Your mother; develop the soul to ignite the angelic qualities of the Divine source.