OP224 - Making sense of Moods


Hello Son,

Making sense of Moods

We have mentioned on countless occasions that knowing oneself; is to know God; to further our insight, we like to share this with you all. A process that comes naturally to the soul and the opposite which causes harm.

We often use and heard the term of ‘innocent like an angel’, this is exactly true. An angel is closer to the throne of God and is always in contact with him. Angels are there to serve every command and order He gives.

Angels do not have greed, malice, spitefulness but are innocent, loving, beautiful and true; due to their characteristics.

You may ask here, what is man?

All human beings are grown up angels who have graduated/wish to experience this realm. We must acquaint ourselves with this understanding.

But you may ask another, why is it man is so corrupted, selfish and full of greed; when angels are totally opposite?

This is a valid question and can provoke numerous arguments; consider this…

We need to be reminded that this zone is full of matter which gives rise to a turbulence in the things that we do and our own actions; however, this is not true in all people.

I want all of you also to consider this; why has God told the angels to serve man.

We commonly accept that we are surrounded by angels and they are here to serve mankind and our ventures on earth. It is written in all of the Holy Scriptures and we even take this for granted.

Therefore we can say that man is greater in ranking than angels.

You may ask, why do we go through so many testing times on earth and throughout our life, when angels had a glorious living in the heavens?

This is when we have to discuss our own moods and emotions. I did say earlier that this world causes turbulence in the way we live; but there is an exception.

Man has been given the free will to do what we want and choose what we do. This is the same for all of mankind and in every corner of the world.

But what he does not realise is his own angelic qualities which still reside in him. He has totally forgotten the sublime and beauty of these characteristic.

It is the very reason our own body embraces good behaviour, manners, etiquette and politeness, as an uplifting experience. In fact we commonly accept a person with these qualities as a very nice man/woman.

We can therefore say our moods and emotions that, unsettle our living and the way we express ourselves, is a natural part of our existence. As soon as we do the opposite negative effects and even a shock is felt by that person.

Therefore any kind of misery and unhappiness is coming out of our own moods and emotions.

Before you cry out again with this statement, consider this;

There are many people who have completely changed the way they think in the last couple of years and even a decade ago. They have embraced the fact that we actually do draw upon ourselves as a direct result of our moods and emotions.

But this is decreasing, my beloved light beings, because everyone is changing and you are changing.

Let these words inspire you to do greater good for yourselves and think positively of others and the people who you love. Embrace all of mankind as they learn and come to terms with their inner self.

Your mother; through the actions and emotions of our mind, the change in how we think is increasing daily. It is truly sublime as we go back to our angelic characteristics of beauty and love.