OP222 - Intrinsic desire to Know


Hello Son,

Intrinsic desire to Know

There has been an intrinsic desire since the earliest days to know one. This constant thought resurfaces again and again, and we have spent countless hours exploring this in the mind.

Only now with our increased understanding and awareness we are beginning to tackle this question.

This exploration of us is the journey to know our own potential. Yet we forget in the history of mankind we have seen the highest potential in all disciplines from mathematics to art.

In a classroom where so many want to follow their own careers, we see so many individual potentials sprouting up. If they continue this desire through to college and then university, then they're well on their path to succeeding the dreams and goals.

To follow one's dreams and aspiration, at the same time recognising one's potential, we can make great leaps and bounds in solving our own mystery.

Beloved light beings we must also consider that life has two paths, one is this material world and the other is the spiritual path.

They both go hand in hand, as one affects the other.

This life is the foundation to learn the skills and evaluate our experiences to build another foundation for the journey to spiritual enlightenment. We have many who continue to show value in their own lives, yet it is their presence that makes other's lives more enjoyable.

Some have shown by recognising their own inner potential and working to develop their own spiritual path and journey, they have become peaceful and self centred.

It is our own inquisitiveness and desire that leads us to our Lord. This determination began from finding oneself and knowing the path to follow in our life.

In the modern world researching and finding the truth is the outer aspect of knowing.

This for many will continue until a saturation of knowledge will quench everyone’s thirst and then from the silence a spark will ignite; giving peace and harmony to you all.

Your mother; to know is to show that you understand; to learn is to show that you have bowed down to a higher source and have shown respect.