OP221 - Accessible to All


Hello Son,

Accessible to All

The words we give to you is to make sure that all age groups and adults may understand easily, if we compare it to high level English sentence structures and terminology.

We have decided that there is a need for another reader who wishes to see/experience/understand what is written. This is not to grade or isolate a class of people, but the need was there and we have answered this call, within you.

The messages we give is to broaden the understanding of themselves and them into action.

We heard prayers of many who want to learn and follow a different path of life than the burdened debt ridden world.

Slowly and surely your messages are getting across all the different nationalities, beliefs and religions; getting them to explore and find answers from themselves. Some have fully awakened because of the words and patience you have given to your channelling. The credit is entirely yours, for which the many cosmic angels also give your thanks, where ever you go.

We have not praised you or thanked you enough, so this is the time.

Your mother; your patience cannot be matched from another person in the world.

You handled a difficult circumstance with dignity and beauty, which is to your credit. We continue to watch over you and give our protection. A reward is on your way.