OP219 - Enjoy the fruits of the Earth and Cosmic world


Hello Son,

Enjoy the fruits of the Earth and Cosmic world

When you have a moment go outside and look at the surrounding areas where there is peace.

Look at the trees and the leaves how they wave and flutter in the wind.

Look at the birds singing and communicating with each other.

Look at the sun when it shines through the clouds.

Look at the world passing by, and see all the routines being filled of the day.

Look at the cars and there variety, that man has designed.

Look around and see the creative abilities that mankind has conquered.

Look at the sky and see the different colours and formation of the clouds.

Look no further as it is your world to feel and experience and to marvel.

Looking at the world with a different pair of eyes and seeing the beauty in all creation, it is inspiring that one day mankind will unite with all its consciousness. A merging with the collective consciousness and he will see and understand from his higher self.

Your mother; take time to see the wonders of nature; as a testimony of the creative abilities of God.