OP218 - Peace and Harmony


Hello Son,

Peace and Harmony

Feel the peace and harmony when something has been resolved.

It is wise to seek out the things and resolve them that plague one's mind; so that the mind can be free to concentrate on other things. As long as a memory resurfaces from time to time; we will constantly have a battle with ourselves.

If it can be sorted out then do so.

We often have deep thinking moments when we are alone or just about to sleep. We churn away thoughts of the day and wonder on occasions what went wrong and why did that person do such a thing.

Often there is no answer but there is always an explanation; and that reason is always their own point of focus and the angle they see things that responded a person to act the way he/she did.

Not seeing eye to eye is most common misunderstanding.

But once everything has been sorted then peace will overcome the mind and the burden will be lifted.

Every person who has lived on this planet from the past and present has to go certain challenges that need to be sorted out. This is the goal of mankind on how he has conducted himself and others in this world. Before he can say he/she had read prayers in their lifetime, it is their character that will come into question.

Be positive and have mercy on yourself as you too are learning and walking on the path that is not easy to do.

Your mother; the higher consciousness is a gift given to you all to be used when there is a need. This need is now.