OP217 - Correct choice of Words


Hello Son,

Correct choice of Words can bring Many back to Focus

Every person wants to be appreciated and not constantly criticised for doing something wrong or differently than you. It causes major conflicts and deep anger and resent is felt inside that can last for years.

The enlightened path is learning the foundation of a good character and then lifetime of learning for that person. At the same time, the student on the path must also recognise that he will not learn everything on his journey as God’s knowledge is infinite.

So it is wise for the student to keep his mind open and keep listening and learning from all sources. As soon as he has said to himself that I am a master and know everything, then he has simply stopped his own progression and stopped listening.

When someone does not understand something, the main reason is that he needs more research time or more time to think things through using all his senses and consciousness. We cannot expect to give a perfect answer to everything but need this time to think. So remaining quiet or even taking a day or two to give a answer or judgement about something. But to keep criticising without asking why did he say this or write this is not good for everyone’s Karma.

Be gentle with everyone and others will be gentle and kind hearted too; which will often lead to friendship and appreciation for another.

The correct choice of words can often bring a person back to focus and rids the negativity around the subject matter.

The world can look like a maze for someone who is lost and deep inside he desperately wants answers for some things in life. We have all felt this and continue to do so in this material world.

It is often the lack of not knowing that direct many to say things wrongly, when all that was needed was to discuss this with someone else who has wisdom on the matter. If it takes a little longer to find this person, so be it. But do not cause instability in yourself and others.

The Creator often smiles and watches mankind do the things that he does. But his forgiveness and mercy we should constantly ask for, as it His guidance that is the best for everyone.

Your mother; ask when you are confused and forgive those who do not understand the things as you do.