OP216 - Do not cause Negativity on your Path


Hello Son,

Do not cause Negativity on your Path

Once you have decided to follow a spiritual direction, good or bad comments will come due to someone’s own misconception. They see and persevere things differently than you do; as their focus is different. However, they should not criticise your own personal path or views.

When someone does they are not following their own guidelines but overlooking their own shoulder to see what is behind or side to side. This shows their own lack of understanding and their frailty. Nevertheless, ups and downs on the spiritual path will always be experienced because of the matter present in the world, which causes instability in thinking in most people.

Simply there is doubt in everybody, but as long as we quickly go back into balance.

When a person criticises something without thinking unnecessarily, he causes ripples of negativity around his own aura and his surroundings. When he causes offence then this leaves a tear on his personal aura and the person he has criticised. Deeper the wound the longer it will take to repair.

When someone has good intentions and wants to spread peace and love to the world, then he must watch what he says and what he does in the world. The Prophets were excellent examples on how to conduct themselves in public; they were the benchmark for all of mankind. It was the very reason why they were chosen.

If something resonates with you then keep reading as it will benefit your personal self. If not then perhaps it is better to turn over the page.

We tune to frequencies in the form of any type of communication from books to videos. If when we are looking for a particular message and we do not receive the correct one, then we should keep looking.

Patience is very important; this spiritual path does not come on a plate or in a day, but practice and dedication.

It is wise from time to time to sit down and ask yourselves what do I want; then seek it out without causing chaos and ripples of negativity.

Your mother; show mercy and forgiveness for those who do not understand or are not looking in the same directional views as you do. Love and peace to you all.