OP215 - Progress in All Fronts


Hello Son,

Progress in All Fronts

We are aware many of you have thousands of questions concerning the end of the year and ascension. We ask that you be patient and focus on your own personal development. I know the excitement of change and an incredible future is beckoning, but spiritual and own development on the path is important than any other thing.

Though some channellers have focused on this, we are here to guide and master oneself before the ascension path begins. To educate about the mind and how it functions; spirituality has always been the theme, which we hope you have all learnt something.

Awareness of oneself and the increase of insight through the truth has been accelerated through the year and many more are resonating to all the channelling work we have done for all of mankind.

Progress in all fronts, spiritually and personally speaking, has been made and this will continue to increase as the year ends.

Though some of you will have headaches and tiredness, this will surface from time to time as the chemical changes and increase of energy manifests inside your being. Be patient to the symptoms and get as much rest as possible, but do not get your emotions down from this. Give it time it will pass.

All of you have done incredibly well on your path as you continue to find more about the functions of the mind and higher self.

We the Ascended Masters watch over you and guide you to all the changes to come.

Your mother; in the heart of man is a portal of knowledge that can be accessed through focus and perseverance.