OP214 - Stuck on a Ledge and Making Little Progress


Hello Son,

Stuck on a Ledge and Making Little Progress

Many are thinking that no personal spiritual development has been made and that you have not made any progress.

This is completely the opposite; many of you are making excellent progress, even though you feel that you have not.

We remind you that there are seven billion paths to reach and be enlightened. If you feel as though that another person is making more progress than you; then perhaps they are but remember the bigger picture. That is ascension, perhaps you will play a greater role after ascension and that you are building your light energies and learning the experiences of life for the life to come.

It is difficult to say your own paths as there are many and some are aware and some are not.

For certain, there is a vast accumulation of light in everybody, some more than others as only the Creator knows how much is needed at one time. He knows when there is a need and knows when you are required for a time in your experiences.

But life is precious and need not be a burden if we free the restraints of the mind that worry us.

Oh beloved light beings do not feel as though you are stuck on a ledge and not making any progress; as soon you will find your own purpose and suddenly a burst of energy will follow. The head will be lifted and a smile will return to your faces. This is the time when you will find your purpose in life.

If you want to help others, and you feel that you are not certain; I say do not wait for any signs. For helping others no matter what the purpose is.

Your path is stronger and illuminated than ever before as you accelerate towards the enlightened path.

Your mother; your journey and destination are still being made so be patient as the Lord knows what is best.