OP213 - Ridding deep Rooted Memories


Hello Son,

Ridding deep Rooted Memories

Lightening one's burden can lead to a free mind and no obstacles in clear thinking. Often worries about loved ones, mistakes or differences can clog the brain when we need it most.

This need not be if we learn to put this in the back of one's mind and carry on with life and routines. It is not as simple as forgetting because we find it difficult to do this.

It would be easier if we accept this experience and predicament as part of one's learning in our life.

Consider these occasional experiences whether good or bad as part of a journey to ignite certain aspects and actions of the mind. Otherwise we would have not got to this point in life at this time.

Ridding deep routed memories need to be addressed and forgiven, make this a priority. It would be easier to forgive oneself and move on.

It may take some time but remember the time is yours for you to grow into a new being for ascension.

Your mother; focus on yourself and how to raise your own vibrations; it is wise to surround yourself with people who share your own ambition.