OP212 - Getting to your Destination


Hello Son,

Getting to your Destination

You know what to do to get to your destination in the fifth dimensional realm of existence in raising your own vibrations to match the frequency.

There is still many things you can do for yourself and guide your friends and families; they too are part of your new life in the next realm of existence in ascension.

Do not wait for things to happen but be the change in your life. Action speaks louder than words and just by sitting down, nothing will happen and the same routine will exist.

To raise one's vibration is to match the vibration of knowledge or path for which we are looking for; otherwise we will be just at the same stage as we were a year ago. Make every effort to know and find things out, but more importantly is to practice.

Some will say otherwise, but remember all the Prophets and Saints have all raised their vibrations through prayer, meditation and good practices in their life. They laid the foundations for everyone to follow and find their path. These were examples of perfect people who reached their goal and continue to ascend through all the dimensional realms of existence.

Practice whenever there is silence so that you can feel the peace and love of your own silence through the higher consciousness.

The soul continues to guide but it will be easier if you know the next step.

The path is illuminated with bright lights for all to see and many of you know the goal. But do not let complacency spoil your goal but be active in your life. There are still experiences in this life to come that need to be done before the great event.

Value your life and the things you have done, but keep your focus and others around you. You are still the illuminated person for others to follow and guide. Your presence is essential through challenging moments for you to guide others.

Build your knowledge so that you can explain to others when the moments arise.

Be nonjudgmental when others know not, for many are still awakening and find the truth hard to swallow. They are still living the life as normal without knowing the events to come; so be patient. Do not assume anything that they know everything as many now not.

Your mother; your presence is valuable at this time to enrich and guide others.