OP211 - Mistakes or Good intentions from your Conscious self


Hello Son,

Mistakes or Good intentions from your Conscious self

This moment and period of time prior to ascension has seen everyone evaluating themselves. They have faced many challenging moments in their life and some in their minds.

All of a sudden this year a lot of personal past and present issues have needed to be sorted out to cleanse the conscious. We remind you that the higher path of ascension carries no grudges, prejudices with you; these are extra baggage that needs to be disposed of.

These have been resurfacing in your meditations and in your focus. The higher self is reminding you of these deep and buried memories and incidents of your life, and requesting them to forgive and let them go.

We cannot progress if these are interfering with your thoughts. On occasions they are forgotten but they keep resurfacing. This means that you have not forgiven yourself or others. It is time to let go and start a new page in your life.

The Creator is starting a new page in ascension of mankind; but we will take our identity and mentality with us; if this is tarnished then the next reality will also be tarnished. However, the next dimensional realm is pure light and love; where everyone will feel ecstatic, free to do the things without any pressure or stress.

Whether your past is filled with many mistakes or good intentions, is not important as we come to an era where changes are happening all around us. The past only led you to this period of time to get to this path. It was a learning curve for many of you to get on this path of enlightenment. Now that you have, cleanse the mind of the thoughts and leave them behind; looking into a bright future and a clean slate.

We say thousands of words of what is going to happen to you, but the most important thing is that are you ready within your consciousness.

This year has been challenging in relationships and discovering new people for the first time. Your higher self has been guiding you through these changes, whether they have been good or been hurtful. It is in your minds if you were happy or not the changes needed to happen.

The soul has a goal and that is to get you through the ascension process, and cannot see you in heartache. The Creator has provided new insight and instinct so that you may see your future clearly through so many channels.
Once more the Creator has asked you now to let go all the differences that is weighing you down and forgive.

The change in you is a confirmation that many of are doing this right now and looking forward to a bright future.

Before this happens further cleansing will take place, so take them in your stride and keep smiling, and keep the focus of ascension in your minds.

Your mother; through calamity a flower always grows to shine light on yourself and everywhere you go.