OP210 - Tuning into the Power words


Hello Son,

Tuning into the Power words

To feel the complete energy of any focus, writing or mediation, we must be tuned into them. This is done by leaving one's mind open and no has any opinions or prejudices.

Many of you are already doing this so be positive when you read these words.

Often when a person reads something, he can feel the energy inside of him. This is happening more and more as many are tuning, without knowing into their own focus.

Also we can feel the emotions of that person when he wrote the work. This is a higher level of understanding that has become manifested inside of them.

Many people can feel the energies of another, even though they are thousands of miles away, without them truly understanding.

The same collective energies are feeding the world; when a person is using this energy of the higher consciousness, an imprint is left in the ethers of time and space.

As the source is the same for everyone and when a person writes anything he uses the same universal energies as everyone else. Therefore these emotions can be felt inside everyone who focuses of the word openly.

In some cases we can feel mixed emotions during each paragraph we read.

Depending how sensitive a person is and how further their tuning to the higher self is, complete energy transference can occur. This could be a explosion of images in the mind or even symbols can be seen.

Whilst others have expressed a knowledge have been downloaded to them, which we understand as channelling. Again it is dependent on one's own focus and their own points of interest that governs one's learning.

To read and then understand, is to follow a line of truthful knowledge that is open to all who learn and not just for enlightened beings. Though there are certain types of knowledge that is hidden from everyone’s eyes, and kept for higher spiritual masters of the world.

But many of you are experiencing in different emotions when you read some work or even their sadness when they write.

The only effect that is missing is the experience of the writer or through meditation.

Your mother; persevere with your own spiritual path and take time out to develop.