OP209 - The Truth Continues in You


Hello Son,

The Truth Continues in You

Many people around the world are having more access to spiritual enlightened souls, channellings and writings. This is having a positive effect on the surroundings they live in and the collective consciousness of the planet.

As more and more are following their inclination, the percentage of awakening consciousness increases.
Truth has its own frequency, its mystery and even an emotion that resonates with that person. We on occasions feel that it is right inside and that feeling has become a craving for so many of you.

This intense desire to know has not diminished but has increased each day. This is because the soul is guiding you to this way of enquiry. Or we can say that a button inside has been switched on so that we can find the truth and learn from it.

The desire has been given by the Creator so that you may find your way on to your own chosen path. He wants the best for you and has answered the prayers from the collective suffering of the world.

Many are continuing a disciplined routine of researching and meditating or even spending time enriching their learning. When they do this they connect automatically to their line of enquiry, which in turn guides them to other readings or website so their thirst is quenched.

This behaviour pattern within will increase in time and more information will be freely available to that person who continues to seek. This is because the universe is bowing down and providing you the information or truth that you desire.

This is the path we have been saying for over a year now, the Creator has made this easier for all who believe.

Continue dear beloved light beings and see the change in you increase.

Your mother; in discipline truth is always found.